Elmo Makes a Flu PSA for Kids

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In case you haven't heard, Swine Flu -- or H1N1 -- is coming back. And so is the plain ol' regular flu. Fun!

OK, not fun at all.

But the United States government is doing its part to raise awareness in a fun way. First, it announced a contest, asking regular folks to submit videos about the flu. Ten finalists have been chosen and you can vote on YouTube. The prize is $2,500. You can see the videos here.

Now, Sesame Street, specifically Elmo and his pal Rosita, are getting on the public-service announcement bandwagon. The two warm and fuzzy characters sing a song for your kids, in English and Spanish, filled with good advice on what to do when you sneeze: "Lift your arm up bend it toward your face. Sneeze right there in the bendy place." You can watch the videos at SesameStreet.org.

Elmo also teamed up with Gordon to tell us how to stay healthy during flu season. Take a look:

To summarize:

- Always wash your hands.
- Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth.
- When you have to sneeze or cough, do it into the bend of your arm.

Got that? Great! Now let's be careful out there.

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