It's Twins -- For The Third Time -- For Florida Parents

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Nick and Kathleen Hinrichsen

Nick and Kathleen Hinrichsen are raising three sets of twins in Miami. Credit:

Nick and Kathleen Hinrichsen must be master multitaskers. Three months ago, the Miami couple welcomed their third set of twins at Broward General Medical Center, where their other four children were also born. Boy-and-girl twins Dylan and Summer joined 3-year-olds Hunter and Chase and 7-year-olds Austin and Tyler.

All three sets of twins were conceived with the aid of fertility treatments, but it's still a rare occurrence -- as is seeing a family of six kids all younger than age 7. And Nick and Kathleen receive plenty of attention for their big brood.

"People are always saying stuff, always coming up, always, you know, taking that turn back and looking again to see, oh my God, or people are pointing," Nick told Miami's NBC news station.

The Hinrichsen's latest arrivals were taped for an episode of TLC's A Baby Story, and according to Dad, these are the last babies for the fast-growing family.

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