Name Combos: Crossing George With Edward

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We would like to use our grandfathers' names -- George and Edward -- to name our son but we don't want to call him either of those names. Can you come up with some combinations of those two names for another name to call him?

- Loyal granddaughter

In the great baby name revolution, grandparents have been the biggest victims. Oh, we still love them, and we still want to honor them. But their names? That's another matter.

For centuries, the way to honor Grandpa George and Grandpa Edward was obvious. George Edward. Or Edward George, if you prefer. That's what a namesake is, right?

Not anymore. Today, our sense of style trumps family ties when it comes to names.

Like many parents, you're looking deep into the original names for a creative solution. Mashups that combine the originals are especially popular as a way to honor multiple relatives with a single name. This kind of name-building is tricky, though. Get it wrong and you end up with something that sounds more like an allergy medication. Clarice + Martin = Claritin?

Edward and George are a particularly challenging pair, full of squishy consonants that don't blend neatly. Using smaller segments of the names may help. Jed, Gerard and Jordan are three familiar names that incorporate bits and pieces of the originals. If your tastes are edgier, you could even use the starts of both names to make ... Edge.

Taking it a step further, you might turn the first initials of the two names into a beginning and ending of one name. G-E gives you Graeme or Gage.

Finally, don't forget the special perks of traditional names. Centuries' worth of nicknames (like Ned for Edward) and foreign variations (Göran for George) give you plenty of raw materials for building your name of the future.

Do you know any creative namesakes? Share your experiences! And if you have your own question to Ask the Name Lady, drop her a line!

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