Nanny Management School the M.B.A. of Baby-Sitting?

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Getting a good baby sitter can be tough, but would you pay more for a nanny who was certified by the New York State Board of Education?

Doug Kozinn, one of the owners of the Absolute Best Care nanny agency is betting that you will, according to The Wall Street Journal. The agency is launching a 50-hour, $4,000 course in so-called "nanny management."

The course, which starts this month and already has eight students, is divided into two parts: nanny-management theory and hands-on care.The nanny-management portion focuses on studying a household's habits and routines and adapting to them, in order to organize children's routines around their natural habitat. Hands-on care is exactly what it sounds like -- learning skills like CPR and how to care for infants and younger kids.

Nannies are suffering these days, according to the Journal, and aren't as recession-proof as they might have hoped. Good child care is hard to find, but in light of the economic climate, parents are making less expensive day-care arrangements, like asking grandparents to take over babysitting duties.

Any nanny who shells out $4,000 for a special certification -- N.M.C., or Nanny Manager Certified -- is probably looking to recoup her investment.

The question is, would you be willing to pay more for those three letters?

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