Personal Shopping for Babies is Big in Britain

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When it comes to shopping, some moms spare no expense to style their tots. Credit: jupiterimages

From the you've got to be kidding me files: Apparently, there are parents in England who are so rich and style-conscious that hiring personal shoppers for babies is de rigueur.

According to a recent story in the U.K.'s Daily Mail, high-end department stores, such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols, are seeing a boom in requests for kiddie personal shopping services. But don't think you can jump on the bandwagon so fast. The one offered at Harrods is booked until next year.

"One client recently came in for her baby daughter and left with an £8,000 wardrobe," a Harrods personal shopper told the Daily Mail. The minimum spending fee there for kids and babies? A cool £2,500, which translates here to $4,061. So the £8,000 shopper spent some $13,000.

These personal shoppers say even toddlers are already honing their wardrobe looks.

Seriously, 5-year-old fashionistas?

"Even when they're as young as three, they often have a strong opinion on their style -- especially the girls," one of the Harvey Nichols personal shoppers told the Mail.

Just wait until they become teenagers.

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