1 in 7 Teen Girls Pregnant at Chicago High School

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If they were lined up in a row, the pictures of the pregnant teens at Robeson High School would fill six pages of the yearbook.

According to CBS2, the school boasts the dubious honor of one pregnancy in every seven female students. But this isn't simply a Chicago problem. Statistics from the National Campaign, a non-profit organization that works to stamp out teen pregnancy, put Illinois at No. 22 in state-by-state rankings of teen pregnancies per 1,000 girls ages 15 through 19. And despite evidence that the teen pregnancy trend was decreasing nationwide up until 2005, the numbers began climbing again that year.

The issue began taking real hold on parental concerns in mid-2008 with the Gloucester teen pregnancy pact in Massachusetts, and the pregnant teenage daughter of Sarah Palin when the former Alaska governor was thrust into the spotlight as the Republican vice-presidential candidate. But according to statistics from the Council on State Governments, Illinois remains a state where abstinence-only education is the norm, and sex education is not required. Challenged by scientists time and again, including a controversial study in the Journal of Adolescent Health in April of last year, abstinence-only education is losing its backers.

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