Embryo Adoption Gaining Favor

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Close to 70 percent of Americans say they favor donating embryos to another couple. For parents dealing with fertility issues who still have the option of pregnancy, this could be a variation on adoption.

According to a story that appeared on Reuters, American adults were queried in a survey dubbed "Public Opinion Regarding the Disposition of Frozen Human Embryos." The most significant responses for parents centered around their feelings about the disposition of human embryos not used by parents undergoing fertility treatment.

One in five Americans, some 19.5 percent, said they'd prefer the embryos be used for research, while 68.6 percent said they'd be in favor of donation, an adoption of the embryo by another family.

The survey was conducted by Nightlight Christan Adoptions. The nonprofit organization lists its mission as providing "domestic, international, and embryo adoption services to families in all 50 states." Overall funding came from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which last month awarded a grant to the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tenn., to broaden its campaign to heighten public awareness of embryo donation and adoption.

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