The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

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The Bradley Method of natural childbirth is a system by which expectant mothers and their partners work together with an instructor to achieve a less painful, less risky and more natural childbirth.

Once a week for the twelve weeks leading up to the birth, Bradley Method instructors focus on lowering the risks associated with childbirth by educating parents on healthy exercise and proper nutrition. Techniques for natural breathing and relaxation are taught to help reduce pain through each stage of labor and coaches are instructed on how to actively participate in the birth. By teaching women to tune into their bodies, the Bradley Method promises to help mothers avoid the need for drugs and ensure that giving birth is the beautiful experience it was intended to be.

In addition to providing the tools for a safe and less painful natural childbirth, the Bradley Method curriculum covers possible complications that might arise as well as information regarding post-partum care of mom and baby.

Bradley Method instructors are located in cities around the country and fees for the course vary by instructor and location.

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