Cyber Bullying and How to Stop it

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Cyber bullying is abuse that takes place through the use of information and communication technologies. Cyber bullies use social networking sites, chat rooms, cell phones, text, email and more to threaten, abuse and bully their victims. A victim of cyber bullying often feels shame, embarrassment, anger, depression and withdrawal.

Surveys have shown that despite the fact that one third of teens feel they have been the victim of cyber bullying, most of them never report it. They are often ashamed or fear that parental involvement will make things worse. Kids also hesitate to talk to their parents about cyber bullying out of concerns that they will lose their cell phone or Internet privileges.

One way parents can help their children avoid becoming silent victims of cyber bullying is by educating themselves and working to raise awareness of the issue. By bringing cyber bullying out into the open, victims will be more likely to report abuse and the cyber bullies more likely to face consequences.

For more information on cyber bullying and how to stop it, visit Cyberbullying Research Center. There you will find facts and statistics as well as helpful tips for educators, parents and teens.

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