Maurice Sendak Revealed

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Author Maurice Sendak has become somewhat of a household name these days. Starting with the 2006 announcement that his beloved children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are," was to be made into a feature film, there has been much talk about the movie and the man.

Maurice Sendak chose director Spike Jonze to bring his book to life and by all accounts is quite happy with the film that resulted. Despite the fact that he recently told Newsweek that parents who feared the film was too scary for kids could "go to hell," the movie has received positive reviews from children and parents alike.

Other than the fact that he is very outspoken and has a unique view of childhood, what else do we know about Maurice Sendak? To learn more about the man behind the book, check out his biography on PBS' American Masters. For a more intimate look at Maurice Sendak and his feelings about the criticism he received when "Where the Wild Things Are" was first published in 1963, here's a fascinating 2005 interview he gave to NPR. To learn more about Maurice Sendak's other works, awards and honors, visit Harper Collins Publishers.


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