Octomom Says Jon Gosselin is Hot

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Octomom Nadya Suleman offers support to fellow mom of multiples Kate Gosselin -- and also drops a little flirt: She thinks Kate's soon-to-be ex-husband is "hot."

Suleman told RadarOnline that she wishes everyone would just leave poor Kate alone, and she refused to take sides in the infamous -- and fractious -- public dissolution of the Gosselins' marriage. "I'm sure she trusts herself and that she's strong enough to handle it," she said.

Of Jon Gosselin, Suleman again refused to cast judgment on the current reality television wild child, even when prodded about his public late-night romps with young women. She did, however, admit to having a wee crush on him: "I think he's hot!" she told RadarOnline.

Suleman's chances with Jon would appear to be quite small, indeed, seeing as he recently told ParentDish that he is in love with current flame Hailey Glassman and feels welcomed and valued by his new Jewish tribe.

Despite her amorous feelings for Jon, Suleman told RadarOnline that she won't be dating until her own 14 children -- including her new set of octuplets -- are much older.

We think they doth protest too much -- perhaps there is a new reality show in the works? "Nadya & Jon Plus 22," anyone?

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