Baby's in Black? Stella McCartney's Gap Line for Kids to Bow Next Month

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Fashion designer Stella McCartney. Credit: Michel Euler, AP

Sorry, Moms. This one is going to make you jealous.

Do you want to know a secret? Sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves, but it's really no secret at all. The Gap has been making high-end designer labels affordable by collaborating with the likes of Rodarte, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and others in recent years. And, now, your little ones get the chance to be as stylish as Suri Cruise, when Stella McCartney's collection for GapKids and babyGap launches next month.

Set to hit stores in the United States, England, Canada, France, Ireland and Japan, W magazine is offering a preview of the one-time only line -- and, oh, baby, is it sending us into style shock. Some of the items W dishes on: Pint-sized Fair Isle sweaters, cashmere blankets, cotton blazers with silk lapels, days of the week underwear, tulle tutus, high tops, navy pea coats, organic cotton T-shirts, sweater dresses and wool military jackets.

Prices will range from $14 for wool tights to $128 for jackets. Many pieces are considered unisex.

"I find there's nothing between the two worlds -- it's kind of cheap or expensive, and they look like that," McCartney, who has three young kids of her own, told W. "Some expensive labels are too conservative and twee, and the cheaper stuff is is a little less classy and tasteful." (Don't know what "twee" means? Neither did we -- but we looked it up: It's Brit-speak for overly sweet or kinda-corny. Now, you can talk like Stella!)

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