Parents Get Phillies Fever, Name Babies After Baseball Champs

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The Philadelphia Phillies aren't the only ones who got lucky yesterday as they advanced into the World Series for the second straight year -- fans of the 2008 World Series champs are having a mini baby boom and naming their newborns after the home team players.

St. Mary's Medical Center in Bucks County, Pa., reported that Chase, Shane and Ryan are the preferred monikers for babies born in recent months, and that the trend started in August -- nine months after the Phillies took home the 2008 pennant.

New mom Anna Frymier told NBC Philadelphia that her daughter, Chayse, is named after second-baseman Chase Utley. The entire family is made up of die-hard fans, she added, and Chayse's grandfather played for the Minor League team, the Reading Phillies.

Nurse Patty Crocker told the station that the home team's championship lit romantic fires with some of the hospital's patients. "It appears that St. Mary dads were hitting home runs along with the Phillies," she said.

The team was tickled by the trend, and even sent a box of rally towels to the hospital.

Just a warning to hometown fans out there: If the Phillies clinch the series, watch out -- there may be a new little person in your future nine months from now.

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