Recall Alert: Breyers Ice Cream With Undeclared Wheat

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Parents of children with wheat allergies take note: Unilever is recalling tubs of ice cream sold throughout the United States because it may contain undeclared wheat.

According to a release from Unilever, the parent company of Breyers, the packages of ice cream were mislabeled. The lid of the tub says the ice cream inside is "Breyers All Natural Cookies and Cream," but the tub itself, which is what most of us see when we're looking straight into a grocery store freezer, describes the contents as "Breyers All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip."The ice cream inside is the Cookies and Cream. According to the Breyers ingredient list, Cookies and Cream contains wheat, while Mint Chocolate Chip does not. No one has reported an allergic reaction, but because of the mix-up, Unilever is recalling all packages with the conflicting labels.

This is not Unilever's first Breyers recall of the year. During the peanut/salmonella scare this winter, the FDA carried a warning that tubs of Tin Roof Sundae ice cream were being called back by the company because of possible salmonella contamination. Those ice creams contained chocolate covered peanuts. Like the current recall, no illnesses were reported, but Unilever has made clear with its recalls that they are precautionary measures. Wheat allergies are among the most common for kids, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because many kids grow out of the allergy by adolescence, this recall is directed largely at parents of young kids.

The packages currently under recall were sold in stores in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Trinidad and Virginia. Each tub was 1.5 quarts, made of paperboard. The UPC # to look for is 077567254245 (located on the side of the tub). The recalled ice cream carries the "Best If Used By" dates of FEB1711GH, FEB1811GH and FEB1911GH (located on the bottom of the tub).

Stores are directed to remove them from their shelves, and parents are advised to call 1-877-270-7402 to receive a refund.

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