California Parents Protest Harvey Milk Day

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First introduced in 2008, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill last week to create Harvey Milk Day in honor of the first openly gay person to be elected to a high office of a major American city.

According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the newspaper from Milk's adopted hometown, he's just the second California citizen to be awarded such an honor. Milk served as the city's Supervisor.

Last year's movie that won Sean Penn an Academy Award for his portrayal of Milk had increased the pressure on Sacramento to get the bill passed, and gay rights groups have spent the days since Schwarzenegger brandished his pen celebrating.

Not so some parents.
The bill directs celebrations and education about Milk's life be "integrated into the regular school program, and be conducted by the school or institution within the amount otherwise budgeted for educational purposes." That would include children learning about Milk's role in civil rights as well as politics.

Big push-back is coming out of the California Family Council, one of the supporters of last year's Proposition 8, which rescinded gay Californians' rights to marry. The CFC announced on its Web site last week that the governor had "abandoned parents and students to assuage special interest groups."

Speaking to the Golden Gate Xpress, the CFC's legislative coordinator, Everett Rice, even took an indirect shot at President Obama -- who awarded Milk with a posthumous Medal of Freedom earlier this year. Said Rice to the Xpress: "(Milk) could have won the Nobel Peace Prize and it still doesn't justify taking time away from students ... we shouldn't put things in our schools that forces parents to take their kids out."

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