Obama Has Perfect Attendance at Parent-Teacher Conferences

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The first family. Credit: AP

A lot of fathers would attend their children's parent-teacher conferences, but gosh darn it, things are just so busy at work these days.

There are two girls who attend Sidwell FriendsSchool in Washington, D.C., whose father could definitely use that excuse.

He's the President of the United States.

Yet Barack Obama has never missed a parent-teacher conference. In fact, he and first lady Michelle Obama attended the latest conferences Monday, according to The Associated Press. Daughter Malia, 11, attends sixth grade at the private Quaker school's District of Columbia campus while Sasha, 8, attends third grade at the campus in Bethesda, Md.

Sidwell Friends was founded in 1883 by Thomas Sidwell. Its D.C. campus is just four blocks from the White House and Monday marked the first parent-teacher conferences of the new school year. It was an early morning for the Obamas. They hit both campuses and were back in the White House by 9:30 a.m.

Not only has the president never missed a parent-teacher conference at Sidwell Friends, the AP reported, he never missed a conference while on the campaign trail either. And since taking the oath of office in January, the Obamas have also attended a presentation by Sasha's class and are regulars as their daughters' basketball and soccer games.

After Sasha's soccer team scored in a game in May, The Washington Post reported that the president abandoned all sense of bipartisanship.

"Go! Go! Go! Goal!" he yelled as he threw up his hands.

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