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Love Twitter? So do we! It can be tough to keep tabs on all your favorite "Tweeters" from the "Twitterverse" -- but don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's our favorite parenting Tweets of the week, raw and uncensored, typos and all, just as you see them on Twitter. Follow ParentDish on Twitter to join the discussion (who knows, maybe we'll feature you here!).
dooblehvay took all weekend- but my two year old peed in a sterile cup for the doctor. It was really hard to get buy in on this.
LookyDaddy Sharon wonders why I'm painting our living room. It's because the walls are the only things here that don't whine when I interact with them.
LOD Last night, I watched a Monty Python documentary and went to bed at 10pm. It felt like every night of ninth grade. #thisismeingrade9
momslant Me: "CJ, if you're going to climb the pantry shelves, you need to put some clothes on."
sarahsdandelion 3yo: mommy do u love me w/ all of your heart? me: YES! of course I do! 3yo: oh. I love u with all of my money. as he holds up a penny

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