Alert: 'My Baby Soother' Pacifier is a Choking Hazard

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There's no company recall, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has put out a warning to parents to stop using the "My Baby Soother" pacifier.

The pacifiers were distributed by T & L Trading Corp., of Brooklyn, N.Y., but in a press release, the CPSC says the company has "refused to recall the pacifiers," prompting the government warning instead.

The pacifiers pose a choking hazard to kids who use them because the nipples can easily separate from the base. That means they don't meet federal standards, according to the CPSC. Sold for about $1, mostly around the New York metropolitan area from 2007 through 2009, the pacifiers have a ring-shaped handle and a blue, pink, red, white or yellow heart-shaped mouth guard with two ventilation holes.

Consumer Reports warns parents to check pacifiers on a regular basis anyway to ensure the nipple is still firmly attached to the base and the nipple has not cracked. Says Consumer Reports, "Check them carefully and often, and if you discover these problems, throw them away. Some manufacturers recommend replacing them every four weeks."

Because this is a government warning rather than a company recall, the CPSC has no information on a refund for the "My Baby Soother. However, parents are being urged to immediately discard the pacifiers, while retailers are being told to remove them from store shelves.

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