Doctors Call Boy's Recovery From Blindness a Miracle

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Gene therapy helped a 9-year-old boy recover from a disease that stole his sight away, and doctors are calling the results of his treatment "near biblical." Credit: NBC Philadelphia.

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Corey Hass was born with Leber's Congenital Amaurosis and the disease ravaged the 4th-grader's sight to the point that he was left completely blind a little more than a year ago, according to NBC Philadelphia.Today, Corey can see his favorite color -- red -- and the rest of the world, too, thanks to an experimental genetic treatment administered by doctors at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Penn Medicine. Healthy genes were injected into the boy's weakest eye, and that single injection restored the missing protein in Corey's retina.

Before the treatment, it took Corey four minutes to complete an obstacle course created by his medical team. After the injection he was able to complete the course in just seconds. Dr. Catherine High, a researcher involved in Corey's treatment, called the results "almost biblical."

"I've never seen anything so amazing in the whole span of my career," High told the station. While doctors can't say whether or not the treatment is a cure, Corey's parents are stunned at the results thus far.

"He would stare at the sun and it wouldn't effect his vision," Nancy Hass, Corey's mother, told NBC. "So when he said the sun is really bright, I said 'Wow!'"

A month later, the boy was able to read ten lines of text, play with his pals and ride his bike -- all by himself. And this New Yorker, grateful for his Pennsylvania-based treatment, says he's now rooting for the Phillies in the World Series.

Corey is one of 12 patients taking part in the study, and the other participants also saw their vision improve.

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