Stop! Don't Touch My Baby!

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All new moms are warned about the dangers of germs when it comes to their newborn babies.

We're told to get flu shots; make sure everyone who touches baby washes his or her hands first; and to avoid taking newborns to church, restaurants, the mall or anywhere he's in danger of catching a cold,flu or worse.

But this year, the threat of swine flu has everyone on infection-control overdrive, and, as a Utah ABC news station reports, some moms are taking germ control to the max.

One Utah mom keeps people from touching her newborn triplets with Hands off Baby stop signs that can be hung from infant carriers warning, "Wash hands before touching baby."

Germ-phobes can also buy don't-touch-me bibs, onesies, T-shirts and more, in hopes of keeping baby-loving strangers from getting too close.

Would you buy any of these stop signs?

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