Is Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Still Scary?

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Do Michael Jackson's living dead still scare you? Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video debuted in 1982, and has been mesmerizing viewers ever since with its vision of werewolves and zombies. The dancing undead are pretty darn frightening, or at least they were 17 years ago. But has "Thriller" stood the test of time?

Our sister site, Holidash, took on this question. Reporter Nick Zaino talked with two Jackson fans, his 8-year-old niece Natalie and her 6-year-old sister, Clara, and they agreed: "Thriller" is still scary.

Holidash: Do you like the Thriller video by Michael Jackson?
Natalie: Oh my god, no.
Clara: No, we do not like it. We just hate it. We hate it.

Find out what scares Natalie and Clara at Holidash -- and see the entire video. Then decide for yourself: Is "Thriller" still the scariest music video ever?

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