Curious George Games: Tons of Fun

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The Curious George Games website is part of PBS Kids and is a place where fans of the popular "Curious George" books can play educational games as well as print out activity sheets for offline fun. Written by Margret and H.A. Rey, the Curious George books feature the adventures of a lively monkey who, after being brought from his home in Africa, lives with "The Man in the Yellow Hat" in a big city.

These online games are designed to help kids improve counting skills, learn shapes, improve memory and more.

Printable activity sheets on Curious George Games include coloring pages, paper folding games, connect-the-dots and much more. The site also provides access to an interactive coloring book that can be downloaded to an iPhone.

Curious George Games also features a large selection of informative and entertaining videos on everything from animal homes to wind chimes.

For parents and teachers, Curious George Games provides information about the Curious George television series and website.

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