Genealogy: A Brief Overview

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Genealogy involves studying your family by tracing your relatives' lineage and history. This can give fascinating insight into your ancestors, such as their lifestyles, where they lived and their motivations.

When researching your forbearers, you may also discover distant cousins or other relatives that you never knew you had. The Internet has many resources to help you begin your genealogical quest. Although some can be expensive, others are free.

The USGenWeb Project
, a comprehensive website organized state-by-state, is a good place to get started.

If your relatives arrived in the United States via Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor, you might try the Ellis Island website. There you can enter your relative's name, approximate year of birth and gender to receive, for no charge, any registered information from the Ellis Island/Port of New York records. You will also get valuable tips on how to start researching your family tree.

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