Who is America's Most Stylish Blogger?

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Moms get a bad reputation when it comes to fashion, but one Oregon mother is casting her chapeau in the ring for the title of America's Most Stylish Blogger.

The contest, hosted by our sister site StyleList, kicked off this week with eight women vying for the top honor. These brave souls all took the same clothing item -- a navy gabardine boyfriend vest -- and dressed it up or down according to their own personal style.

For the next few weeks, style guru Kelly Cutrone, owner of People's Revolution and co-star of MTV's reality shows "The Hills" and "The City," will judge the ladies' looks. We're rooting for Carly J. Cais, an Oregon mom and fashion blogger who daringly paired blue tie-dye leggings with the vest. Cais admitted that the look was a risk, and it didn't win her any points with Cutrone -- the fashion guru said she didn't dislike the outfit, but she didn't like it, either.

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We can't wait to see what else Cais has in store. Tune in and pick up some fashion pointers; don't be That Mom who grocery shops in her ratty old sweats. (And please keep it on the down low when you see us dressed in said sweats.)

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