Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Kids love searching for things, which is why it's great that there are many interesting and fun scavenger hunt ideas. An outdoor scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for a beautiful day. Examples of items to include in your outdoor hunt are a place to build a nest, a certain colored item, a flower or a street sign.

Another idea for a scavenger hunt is to give your kids a list of instructions to follow, such as "Start at the front door. Look under the chair by the window. Look behind the dictionary in the bookcase, etc." This can be an excellent way to spend a rainy or snowy day indoors.

If your family is taking a long car trip, why not have a scavenger hunt for items you pass on the road? You can ask your kids to find things like a yellow school bus, a Starbucks or license plates from different states.

can enjoy scavenger hunts if you create sets of picture cards -- one to show your child and one with a matching picture for you to hide. Some ideas for pictures include animals, household items, cars, flowers and clothes.

The Scavenger Hunt Guru has many more ideas for kids and adults who love these games.

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