G.I. Joe Dolls: A Brief History

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G.I. Joe's appearance marked the debut of the action figure. Hasbro introduced the military-themed dolls in 1964. The original figures were realistic 12-inch toy soldiers that represented the four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Action Soldier (Army), Action Sailor (Navy), Action Pilot (Air Force) and Action Marine (Marines) rounded out the first dolls. In 1982, the line was re-launched with the "A Real American Hero" tagline and three and three-fourths-inch sized dolls, playsets, vehicles and an animated TV show.

In 1991, Hasbro began re-releasing the 12-inch dolls and launched the first G.I. Jane dolls. The female dolls and the oldest G.I. Joe dolls are highly sought collectors' items. In 2000, Hasbro returned to the smaller-sized figures which are still in stores.

The 2009 film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" have helped the toys retain their popularity today.

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