Safety First: Keeping Kids Healthy

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The term "safety first" means that being safe is the first priority when performing a task.

Freedom from danger, risk or injury is foremost in whatever activity is being executed. In order to insure "safety first," one must know basic safety rules.

Even preschoolers can understand the importance of keeping all windows and doors locked, not opening the door to strangers and how to dial 9-1-1.

"Safety first" can also be used for outdoor activities, school-aged children should always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or tricycle.

While remembering this philosophy is a very important thing to do as a parent, some safety gadgets can go overboard. Attachable GPS trackers can tell you every move your child makes. In most cases, your common sense will help your safety skills more than an expensive gadget will.

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Start by teaching him that it is safe to do so.