Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood is a character in a fairy tale about a wolf and a young girl. The most widely known version of Little Red Riding Hood is based on a Brothers Grimm story.

In the story, Little Red Riding Hood wears a red, hooded cloak as she makes her way through the forest alone to deliver food to her sick grandmother. Along the way, Little Red Riding hood encounters a wolf. The wolf intends to eat Little Red Riding Hood and tricks her into picking flowers while he runs ahead to the grandmother's house.

Having eaten the grandmother, the wolf dons her clothes and goesinto her bed to await Little Red Riding Hood's arrival. Little Red Riding hood notices that her grandmother looks different and comments on her appearance. When she declares "what big ears you have!" the wolf leaps up and swallows her whole.

A hunter arrives and cuts open the wolf, releasing Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother unharmed. Note: There are many variations of this ending, some more graphic than others.

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