Marriage Records

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A marriage record is generally a copy of your marriage license, if it is signed by you and your spouse and witnesses. This paper certifies that you and your spouse are legally married. There are several instances when you might need a copy of your marriage license, such as adding a spouse to your insurance policy, applying for government benefits, creating a marital life estate trust or other legal situations.

If you cannot locate a copy of your marriage license, it is easy to obtain another copy. You can visit or write to the county clerk's office in the county where you were married to request a copy. You can also check with the state's vital records' office in the state where you were married. The state determines the fee for the new copy. Another possibility is to go to an online records database, such as VitalRec or VitalChek, and request a copy.

Usually, you can obtain marriage records for your immediate family members. You may also receive a marriage record if you are a personal or legal representative of a particular person who has a notarized letter of authorization and the identification of said person. For more details on your state's law, ask your state's vital office.

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