Permissive Parenting: Too Lenient?

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Permissive parenting, also called indulgent, lenient or non-directive parenting, is a parenting style in which parents have few controls over or demands on their children.

In these families, parents are very involved in their children's lives, but have few behavioral expectations for their kids. These parents are more concerned with being their children's friends and fear their kids may rebel against them if they are too hard on them. Permissive parents are usually the children of strict parents.

As children with permissive parents age, they are likely to be impulsive and underachieving. As teenagers, they also experiment with drugs and alcohol more frequently because they know they will not be punished if they get caught. Additionally, these children may have unrealistic self-esteems, blaming others for their mistakes.

However, children with permissive parents often learn good social skills.

Though permissive parents often feel that they are helping their children by letting them do whatever they want to do, they may be in for a shock when they realize their lack of boundaries has created insecure, demanding, selfish kids with no sense of personal responsibility.

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