Treasure Hunt

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A treasure hunt is a great way for kids to have fun at a birthday party or playgroup. When planning your treasure hunt you will need to consider where to hide your treasure and, more importantly, what treasure your children will enjoying hunting for. Small toys, candy and treats often work well.

To draw the perfect treasure-hunt map, start at the end where you will bury the treasure. Then, think backwards, reconstructing the path you want your kinds to follow to find the their prize. Do you want them to stay in the same room or a specific area? Can they go outside or should they stay indoors? Are there places they need to avoid to stay safe?

After you plan out the route to the treasure, you need to come up with clues. Some good ideas for clues are coded messages, riddles, poems or reverse text messages that must be held up to a mirror to be read.

If you host your treasure hunt outside in a large space, kids can use compasses or be given directions like, "Take seven big steps north and four baby steps east" to find each clue. You can find more ideas for treasure hunt clues at Squidoo.

Remember, the best part of the treasure hunt is searching for the treasure. Lead your pirates on a long, twisted adventure before they final reach their reward.

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