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Finding the right babysitter can be a tough job. Credit: Getty Images

Looking for someone to fill a babysitting job? As a parent, hiring a reliable and knowledgeable babysitter can be a daunting proposition. Who can you trust to care for your child the way you would? Here are some tips for filling your babysitter position with the very best.

Interviewing - Knowing what questions to ask can help you choose the right babysitter.
  • Ask the candidate to talk about any previous babysitting experience.
  • Inquire about special training. Has the candidate taken any babysitting, CPR or first aid courses?
  • Ask about extracurricular activities. Spending time with children outside of paid babysitting jobs can indicate a true love of kids.
  • Does the candidate have any health issues that might interfere with the job?
  • Ask the candidate about plans for entertaining the children.
  • What age groups does the candidate enjoy most? Least? Why?
  • Does the candidate have experience with the basics? Changing diapers, cooking, etc.?
  • Ask the candidate specific questions about handling sibling spats, boredom, homework, etc.
References - Asking a potential babysitter to supply references is only the beginning. Knowing the right questions to ask those references is also important.
  • Verify the information your potential babysitter has supplied. When calling references, ask for confirmation of the dates of employment, educational background, etc. If any discrepancies arise, this should raise a red flag regarding the candidate's truthfulness.
  • Ask questions that will reveal the candidate's ability to handle a crisis. Asking about a specific or hypothetical situation will help you gain insight into the candidate's decision-making abilities.
  • If a reference is hesitant to talk or give vague answers, beware. This may indicate a problem.
  • Ask questions about the candidate's reliability. Was she often late?
  • If possible, talk to the children your candidate has cared for in the past. Do they seem excited when talking about their babysitter?
Once you've hired a new babysitter, it is a good idea to have a test run first. Ask your new babysitter spend some time in your home while you are there. Not only will it make your kids feel more comfortable, it will help you feel better.

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