Native American Names

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Native American names have become popular with parents in recent years. There are many web sites dedicated to helping parents choose Native American names for their children, but not all are reliable sources.

According to Native Languages, many names that are thought to be traditional Native American names are in fact made-up names from books and movies or distortions of genuine names. Some popular Native American names are inaccurately translated and often don't mean what parents believe they do. Other names are mistakenly thought to be Native American when, in fact, they originate from other languages.

Parents wishing to give their child a Native American name should be aware that tribal names have special meaning in Indian culture, and it is considered disrespectful to give these names to children who are not part of the tribe. If you want to give your child a traditional Native American name, you must speak to a tribal elder or religious leader, according to Native Languages. Another option is to give your child a Native American variant of a Hebrew or Christian name or to use a word from a Native American language.

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