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An ancestor is someone from whom another person is descended. Two people have a genetic relationship if one is the ancestor of the other or if they share a common ancestor on their family tree.

Establishing a connection to your genealogy is one way to learn more about yourself. Discovering and understanding your relatives connects you to the past and can help you understand your own and your family members' traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Another reason for learning about your ancestors is to uncover health information that might impact you and your descendants. A study of your ancestors can reveal a predisposition to certain ailments or hereditary conditions.

With the advent of the Internet, tracing your ancestors has never been easier. Many great web sites exist to help others find long lost family members. Today's online libraries, public records and other resources make finding your ancestors a lot less expensive and time-consuming. Two good places to research your family tree are The USGenWeb Project and

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