Fertility Calendar: Get Help With Conception

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Fertility calendars can increase chances of pregnancy Credit: Getty Images

Fertility calendars or calculators
can help couples who would like to increase their chances of getting pregnant by helping the couple determine if and when the woman ovulates.

By charting the woman's basal body temperature, also known as the temperature of the body at rest, the couple can learn more about their fertility. Women have slightly lower temperatures before ovulation and slightly higher temperatures after ovulation.

During ovulation, which last for about 14 days before the menstrual period, women are most fertile. That's why women who want to become pregnant should focus on trying to conceive during this period.

Most online fertility calculators determine when women will be most fertile based on the date of their last menstrual cycle, the number of days their cycle usually lasts and some site-dependent additional information. Once you have supplied this information, the fertility calculator will tell you when you're most likely to conceive.

As women age, fertility calendars can help women understand her chances of conception. At 30, a woman's chance of conceiving each month are approximately 20 percent. By the time she's 40, her chances of conceiving drop to five percent.

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