Top Toy Robots For Kids

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Toy robots have come a long way since Japanese creators built Robot Lilliput, the first robot. Robert the Robot, the first American robot, debuted in the Sears Christmas book of 1954, and toy robots continue to be a popular holiday gift. So, what are the hot toy robots this holiday season?

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters have been flying off the shelves at retailers. The hamsters, which are recommended for kids ages 4 and up, crawl through mazes in their own playsets like real pets, but they can also drive toy cars that they park in their own garages.

Another popular toy is the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur. This dinosaur toy, recommended for ages 6 and up, comes with his own personality. Using robotics and proprietary software, the dinosaur is covered in leathery skin to look and act just like a real prehistoric reptile. The toy, which requires batteries, stands just more than 13-inches tall.

Another popular robotic pet is the FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin' Kitty Cat. This robot, recommended for ages 4 and up, is the same size as a real cat and it can roll over, lick itself and even purr.

For kids craving a more typical robot, parents can check out the Transformers Robot Fighters Game. Thanks to the popular Transformers movie franchise, these toys are hotter than ever. The game comes with two robot Transformer action figures that are easy for little hands to hold and control. It's recommended for ages six and up.

When buying toys for small children, parents should remember that small parts can become choking hazards for children under age 3.

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