NRA: Stop Asking Adoptive Parents About Guns

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A family looks at a gun during the National Rifle Association of America's annual meeting in Louisville, Ky. Credit: Getty Images

The National Rifle Association is pushing a new bill that would prevent adoption agencies in Florida from asking pistol-packing mamas and papas if they have guns in their homes.

The bill was prompted by the case of a Brevard County, Fla., couple who, when applying to adopt a child, were asked if they had guns in their home, according to NBC Miami. The Miami Herald reports that the couple, who was not named, contacted a lawyer who put them in touch with NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer. The lawyer told the couple that it would be easier to change the law than to sue.The two were applying to adopt through the Children's Home Society of Florida, which asked the question because it is required by the state Department of Children and Families.

"An adoption agency has no right to subvert the privacy rights of gun owners," Hammer told the Herald.

The NRA-endorsed bill is sponsored by Florida Sen. Thad Altman, R-Melbourne, and the single-page bill would make it unlawful for an adoption agency to ask about guns in the home. However, it does not lay out any specific penalties for doing so. The Herald reports that Florida has a history of successful NRA-sponsored bills.

There is opposition to the proposed law from NRA opponents like Democratic Sen. Nan Rich. "Parents frequently ask if other parents have guns in the home before their kids play there, so why can't an adoption agency just ask?'' Rich told the newspaper.

Does it matter if adoptive parents have guns in their houses? Should that influence the decision to give them a child?

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