Top Christmas Games

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Christmas is a great time for families to have fun together by playing holiday-themed games. Though there are many games that can be be fun for your family, some stand out.

Give scavenger hunts a holiday twist by having kids find Santa's reindeer. Hide at least eight reindeer toy reindeer, or nine reindeer, which would include Rudolph. The person to find the most reindeer wins, and whoever finds Rudolph can win a special prize.

Santa's Christmas Puzzle Mystery, another treasure hunt, is based on the idea that Santa misplaced the presents he's supposed to give on Christmas morning. Children get clues that lead to their presents. Once they find their presents they can open them. Or, if you're playing on or they may place them under the tree to be opened in the morning.

Families that enjoy singing Christmas carols might enjoy Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay. In this game, children and adults get a Christmas carol clue and are asked to draw that carol. Their teammates try to guess which carol is being drawn. Once the carol has been correctly identified the person who is drawing the carol must sing the tune.

Young children can be kept entertained the Christmas Stocking Guessing Game. In this imagination-inspiring activity, parents put different holiday items -- like scotch tape, pine cones, holly or misletoe -- in a stocking. Children are then asked to feel the outside of the stocking to see if they can determine what is inside.

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