Hot Toddler Trend: Dress Your Kid Like Suri for the Holidays

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Suri Cruise owns this sweater dress and red velvet dress from Jacadi. Credit: Jacadi

Wanna dress your child like the world's trendiest tot?

Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, hit the Jacadi children's boutique in Boston recently, picking up a striped sweater dress, striped sweater and pleated skirt from the brand's "Sur les Flots" collection, along with dresses in pale pink and red velvet from the the French retailer's new holiday collections.

And speaking of holiday, ParentDish asked Peggy Waldo, director of Jacadi USA, what's hot this season.

"The strongest holiday trends for kids put a fresh, modern spin on authentic and timeless classics," she says. "A short-sleeve dress turns up in gray flannel; a red velvet jumper is accented with oversized buttons and, instead of white, blouses turn up in cheerful Liberty prints."

Prices for Jacadi range from $28 for a white cotton onesie to $278 for a classic duffel coat.

Visit for store locations, or to shop online.

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