Bassinets: Buying Guide

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Bassinets, which are easy-to-move and can be located near you regardless of your location, are great places for your newborn infant to sleep during his first few months. There are many styles of bassinets that come with various features like canopies, mobiles, music and rocking systems.

Bassinets should be selected based on their durability, safety qualities and the ease with which they fit in your life. Sturdiness, especially in the bassinet's handles, is also important. If the handles meet in the middle it will be easier to carry from room to room without disturbing the baby. If the bassinet has wheels or folds down for storage and travel, make sure it has locking mechanisms to prevent unwanted movement.

Additionally, parents should consider the bassinet's bedding. Does it come with a mattress or pad? Is the bedding removable and washable? Can you easily buy sheets for the mattress or pad? Additionally, there are safety concerns like whether boys and decorative items might strangle the infant.

Like other baby furniture, parents need to consider safety more than decor. One of the first and most important things parents should look for is certification from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, a trade organization with stringent safety standards. Also, check Consumer Reports' recall warnings.

Babble, a parenting web site, has recommended several bassinets, including the Hushamok Dream, the Ooba Nest Bassinet and Offi's Ovum Bassinet by Heidi Newell.

Check out ParentDish's health and safety section to read about other concerns you might consider before buying your baby gea.


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