Has Twilight Ruined My Favorite Baby Names?

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I have always loved the names Jasper and Edward, but my mother thinks I'm crazy to even consider them because they are both names of characters in the Twilight saga. I think she might be right that my son would constantly be telling people that no, he was not named after them. Should I stick with my gut, or find a less complicated name?

- twilightzonedmom

Hollywood can make or make or break a baby name. For every mom who fell in love with the name Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," there's another still bitter that Disney "ruined" her favorite name. Right now, the "Twilight" saga is trapping a lot of parents like you in that push and pull."Twilight" packs a special punch because it's full of stylish names. Jacob and Isabella are two of the most popular names in America. Edward, Alice and Victoria appeal to Anglo-traditionalists, while Jasper, Emmett and Esme are favorites of cutting-edge parents. Have the vampires sunk their teeth in so deep that the names will never escape?

Not necessarily. The more common and traditional a name is, the less any celebrity can control it. A name like Jacob or Edward is too big for even a vampire to slay. You're probably safe choosing either one of your favorites ... but choose more than one and the going gets tougher. Themes find strength in numbers, so brothers named Jasper and Edward take you far deeper into the "Twilight Zone" than either name does alone.

What about parents who named their twins Emmett and Esme back before "Twilight" fell? There's still hope, because time is on their side. Think of it this way: would you break out in giggles if you met a pair of 30-something siblings named Keith and Laurie? Or 20-something brothers Simon and Nick? Probably not, yet back when they were born those names would have screamed "Partridge Family" and Duran Duran. Yes, you'll have to live with the vampire jokes for a while, but your kids should ultimately emerge unscathed.

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