Teen Calls 911 After Parents Take Away Xbox

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xbox controller

An Illinois teen decided that his punishment was a crime. Credit: Iwan Gabovitch, Flickr

An Illinois teenager alerted authorities when his parents did the unthinkable -- they took away his Microsoft Xbox 360.

The Daily Herald reports that an unnamed Buffalo Grove, Ill. 15-year-old called 911 last week after his mother and father took away his Xbox as a punishment for an undisclosed transgression. Buffalo Grove police Cmdr. Steve Husak says that the caper started out as a hang-up call to the emergency service.

Husak tells ParentDish that all abandoned 911 calls in the area are traced and that officers follow up with a visit to the address from which the call originated.

"When officers responded, they saw it was a domestic situation," says Husak. "The center of the argument was that his parents were punishing him and he wanted clarification of whether or not they could do that. Officers advised him that yes, that was in fact a punishment."

Husak adds that officers went on to explain that the boy's parents were well within their rights and that he should try to follow the rules of the house.

To his credit, the boy finally agreed.

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