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This Christmas, some moms will end up with a Snuggie, or a box of Whitman's Chocolates, or the standby present of a gift certificate to their favorite department store. Truthfully, most husbands really want to give their wives a thoughtful gift, but lack the gene we women are born with that makes it easy for us to know what others will love. For my husband, buying me a gift feels like a high school Spanish test -- no matter how hard he tries he will never really excel in the venture (that darn gringo accent!). Over the years, I've learned to assess his love for me in other "subjects" that he's much better in -- and thankfully, there are many. In fact, most years, my gift to him is to give him permission to not get me a gift. And he gives me the same "gift" back. Honestly, I really don't mind; with all the things to do around the holidays, we both appreciate having one less thing to worry about.

But last week Sean asked me to compile a list of a few little luxuries for him to pick from. At first I recoiled at the thought. You know ... the economy is tanking ... I don't need anything ... we'd never done that before, etc. etc. But then I began to think that it would be fun to come up with a list and see what he picks. And frankly, I haven't splurged much on myself lately. I've been too darn busy. Why not let Sean do something sweet for me if he wants to?

When the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve, we'll do what we always do: sit by the fire with a glass of wine, listen to carols, and watch the snowfall outside. This time, however, under the twinkling Christmas tree, will be a little gift waiting for me that I know I will love and use. And trust me, it won't be a Snuggie.

Thought I'd share my list, but please let me know if you have a great gift idea for me and other moms.

1. Voluspa candles. Affordable, long lasting and attractive. Excellent for the bath, but I use them to enhance my housecleaning experience. I can't explain it, but it can even make cleaning a bathroom a little more dignified.

2. Cosabella babydoll nightgown. Need I say more? I happen to love the "Suri". Too cute!

3. Coco Chanel or Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Classic, timeless and beautifully packaged. Feel like a 1940s movie star every time you leave the house.

4. Mod.Skin Labs Resvesterol Ampoule cream. A 14-day miracle cream – no joke! At $40 it's very affordable. Actually, you might want to gift this one to yourself – before the holidays! Have bright, rested skin even if you don't feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

5. Ahava Sea Bath Salts from Israel's Dead Sea. This is the best line of bath salts I've ever tried. A 20-minute soak is all I need for butter soft skin and a new attitude.

6. Soft leather gloves. Go with Coach for the splurge, J. Crew for the mid-range option. What woman can't use a nice pair of gloves in the winter? Go for red or olive green to spice up your wardrobe.

7. A love note that includes a promise to give mom an evening alone in the house while dad takes the kids out to the movies. Priceless.

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