Hot Mama Trend: Christian Siriano Wants to Dress Your Baby Bump

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Who says maternity wear can't be stylish? Credit: Brad Walsh

Christian Siriano
doesn't want you to be a hot tranny mess while you're pregnant.

The "Project Runway" season four champion -- who has stealthily avoided falling into the anonymous abyss of reality show contest winners -- has been busy doing designer collaborations with Payless shoes and Victoria's Secret makeup, plus penning his own style guide, "Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self."

Now his fierceness has designed a line of maternity wear called Fierce Mamas for Moody Mamas by Christian Siriano (got that?). We chatted with Christian to find out how he's bringing style to the pickles-and-ice-cream set.

ParentDish: Tell us about your maternity line.
Christian Siriano: This is our second season, so our fall collection is in stores now. Our spring collection is all about being feminine and elegant even though you're pregnant.

PD: You say that your maternity line is for both during and after pregnancy. How does that translate?
CS: Not every piece will translate, but we have such a range. We do a lot of great jersey and knit. All the dresses are very free-flowing and flirty, but have that great support.

PD: How much are your maternity clothes going to set us back?
CS: The price point is great -- everything from $50 to $250, and a lot of the dresses are between $100 and $120.

PD: Did Heidi Klum wear any of your pieces when she was pregnant?
CS: We sent Heidi a few pieces early on. She wore our long black maxi dress when she was pregnant -- very boho.

PD: Any fashion tips for non-models who want to look good while they're pregnant?
CS: It's still important to get dressed and look good but feel comfortable. I think it's important to wear color and prints and have a great evening dress during pregnancy.

PD: You're already gone in so many directions with your career. Tell us about some of your designer collaborations.
CS: With Payless, it's a dream to make any shoe you want! As for Victoria's Secret, I started as a makeup artist, so that was always a goal. With maternity wear, it's been a really cool challenge.

PD: Now that you're designing for pregnant women, do you have any interest in doing a line for kids?
CS: I get that question a lot, but right now my goal is to dress women with my line, my Payless line and the Moody Mamas line.

PD: What do you think about Suri Cruise wearing high heels?
CS: I love Suri -- she's fabulous! She's very fashion. I'm sure she and Katie have so much fun dressing up.

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