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Love Twitter? So do we! It can be tough to keep tabs on all your favorite "Tweeters" from the "Twitterverse" -- but don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's our favorite parenting Tweets of the week, raw and uncensored, typos and all, just as you see them on Twitter. Follow ParentDish on Twitter to join the discussion (who knows, maybe we'll feature you here!).
jonniker I really love how when I'm putting something with sleeves on my daughter, she desperately looks to her daddy to save her.
debontherocks I reek of alcohol. It's only hand sanitizer. Something is wrong with this picture.
mammaloves I'm far smarter in my own head than you would ever believe. Really. You have no idea.
WhyIsDaddyCryin wifey's singing Christmas songs while unwrapping decorations - son just said, "mommy, you should stop, you sing really bad!" I love that kid
nuckingfutsmama I hope I can remember where I'm hiding Christmas presents. Last year I didn't come across a stuffed horse I'd hidden until May.

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