Michigan Held Statewide Bake Sale to Fund Education

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Michigan parents broke out the butter, sugar and flour to raise money for schools across the state. Credit: AMagill, Flickr

Parent-teacher organizations across Michigan held bake sales to bring attention to funding cuts that are eviscerating school budgets all over the state.

Royal Oaks, Mich., mom Karen Kline came up with the idea of holding a statewide bake sale for education after a disappointing meeting with lawmakers in the state capitol of Lansing, according to the Detroit News. Frustrated by what she sees as partisan politicking that puts kids last, Kline decided to break out the big guns -- Betty Crocker.

She took her idea to the Royal Oaks school superintendent, who suggested that Kline present her idea to the Michigan PTSA. The initiative, called Cookies for Michigan Kids, ran Dec. 2. The sales were held in front of banks, grocery stores, post offices and the state Capitol. All the money raised will go directly to schools to fund programs that would otherwise be cut in the face of the fiscal crisis.The Chicago Tribune reports that public schools in Michigan face deep budget cuts -- $127 per student -- or about $212 million statewide. The cuts, ordered by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, will be reflected in checks sent to schools Dec. 21. Lawmakers are scurrying to come to an agreement on a way to raise enough cash to eliminate the cuts. They have about a week to make a decision.

While there's no shame in holding a bake sale to benefit schools, it's a sad day, indeed, when parents feel forced to take such desperate measures to call attention to the quality of their children's public education. We tip our hat to Kline for taking matters in to her own hands -- and her kitchen.

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