Nanny Jobs: Interview Questions

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Ask the right questions to find the right nanny. Photo: Jason DeRusha, Flickr

For parents, hiring a nanny can be stressful. In addition to finding someone with whom you feel comfortable, there are also legal issues to consider. In order to legally hire a nanny, employers are required to verify eligibility to work in the United States and to report earnings, Social Security taxes and other benefits to the IRS.

Once you've taken care of the legal issues, you should treat the business of hiring a nanny as you would when filling any employment position. Always interview and check references for anyone who will be allowed to care for your children. Need some sample questions? Try this list:

How long have you worked as a nanny?
How old were the children cared for?
Do you have any professional training?
Are you willing to attend child development and emergency preparedness classes?
What would you do in case of illness, emergency or accident?
Why are you looking for a new position?

Child Care Philosophy
Why do you enjoy the most/least about being a nanny?
What would be the ideal family for the you to work for?
What are your beliefs about child-rearing?
What do children like best/least about you?
How would you calm, discipline and comfort a child? Ask for examples or provide scenarios for your potential nanny to figure out.

Daily Routine
What would you do when caring for the child?
What are your favorite/least favorite children's activities?

Do you own a car or have other reliable means of transportation?
Do you smoke or have any health-related issues that might impact the job of caring for your children?
When would you be available to start?
What is your salary range?

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