Michelle Duggar Hospitalized; Thanks Fans For Good Wishes

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Michelle Duggar is expecting her 19th baby. Credit: Beth Hall, AP

Uber-mom Michelle Duggar, pregnant with her 19th child, was rushed to the hospital this past weekend. According to media reports, the baby is just fine.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob issued a thank-you video to fans who were concerned with the reality star's health.
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Duggar, star of TLC's "18 Kids and Counting" was diagnosed with painful gallstones, according to a story in People magazine. Network representatives tell the magazine that the pain was generating some contractions, however.

"This weekend, Michelle Duggar was admitted to an Arkansas hospital due to gallbladder issues," says the rep. "The pain from a gallstone was generating some contractions. Just to be safe, she was airlifted a Little Rock, Ark., hospital, so that in the unlikely event that she had to be delivered early, she would be close to a NICU center. Though there were some fears that the baby was in trouble initially, it soon was discovered to be solely the gallstone causing the discomfort. Michelle is resting comfortably, and the baby is doing fine."
Doctors say that pain medication should keep the attack under control and that there is no immediate need for surgery at this point. "The hope is that any necessary surgery can be delayed until she delivers," the TLC rep tells People.

However, Duggar's husband, Jim Bob, will be playing Mr. Mom for at least a few days while Michelle remains under observation. Her attending physician, Dr. Curtis Lowery of the University of Arkansas for Medical Services tells People that there is "every reason at present to expect that mother and baby will proceed with a healthy pregnancy."

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