British Kids Have The Best Teeth, New Study Shows

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Kids in the United States lag behind the British when it comes to oral hygiene. Credit: oskay, Flickr

Americans needs to keep their collective mouths shut about the British and their teeth. Turns out that kids in England have better dental hygiene than kids right here in the United States.

The Economist reports that Britain's children, along with the Germans, have the healthiest pearly whites of all, according to a new study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. In contrast, Poland came in last -- a 12-year-old in that country has nearly four teeth that are missing, decayed or have fillings.

Where do American kids fall on the dental-heath continuum? Each child has at least one decayed or missing tooth. Other countries that need to do better brushing include Hungary, South Korea and Greece. Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden can also claim toothy grinned bragging rights, according to the OECD, as kids there have fewer than one missing or decayed tooth.

Still looking for a great stocking stuffer? Consider a toothbrush.

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