The Goddard School: Encouraging Development In a Nurturing Environment

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The Goddard School is a preschool franchise with locations in 37 states across America. The first Goddard School opened in 1986 in Malvern, Penn., as the Goddard Early Learning Center. Two years later, Anthony A. Martino formed Carousel Systems with the objective of franchising the Goddard Early Learning Center.

The first Goddard School within the franchise opened in 1990 in Marshallton, Penn., and today there are over 340 locations throughout the United States. Each Goddard School franchise is operated by an on-site owner and an educational director. Goddard Schools receive curriculum accreditation from the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

Teachers at the Goddard School receive professional development through Goddard Systems University. Developed specifically for Goddard School teachers, the program keeps educators up to date on issues relating to child development trends and research as well as offering health and safety, developmental guidelines, curriculum and enrichment programs.

Based on an educational philosophy that emphasizes nurturing the whole child, the Goddard School focuses on emotional, social, intellectual and physical development as well as standard educational goals. The Goddard School offers programs for children aged six weeks to six years. In addition to the infant and preschool curriculum, many Goddard School locations offer programs for school-aged children during holidays and early-dismissal days at local elementary schools.

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